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The world's best Scrumpy and Western acoustic rapper

More Information

Corky is on a mission to spread Agricultural Hip Hop to all corners of the world.

Often supports The Wurzels. Has also supported Goldie Lookin' Chain, Prof Elemental, Mr B, Gary Stringer, Creed Bratton.

Available to provide agricultural hip hop entertainment at festivals, county shows, inns, parties, half time of skittles matches, weddings, carnivals, beer gardens, flat roof pubs.

The illegitimate son of Adge Cutler and Eminem, if that were possible. which it ent.

2022 Update: Corky's fanbase continues to grow, and he has recently toured with The Wurzels.

Treefest Performances

2011, Mon 28th Aug. 1.30pm. The Music Stage

2012, Sun 26th Aug. 6.40pm. The Big Top

2014, Sat 23rd Aug. 2.50pm. Royal Oak Barn





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