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White Lilac / Faye Rogers

Faye played both as a soloist and with her first band. She went on to form Rosehip Teahouse.

More Information

White Lilac was fronted by Swindon’s very own Faye Rogers, who performed as a solo artist at Treefest in 2012 and 2013. In early 2015 she formed a band to add extra depth to her music, and they performed for us the same year.

White Lilac was an indie rock band from Wiltshire described as 'a band who could very well be a dark horse of 2015' by The Flux Presents.

White Lilac had an eclectic blend of styles, rooted strongly in a post punk/new wave revival, whilst introducing more ethereal sounds, interspersed by the inclusion of saxophone, brooding cello and driven rock riffs

Faye continues to work on music projects. She's currently based in Cardiff and can be found under the name Rosehip Teahouse.

Treefest Performances

Solo - 2012, Sun 26th Aug. 11.00am. The Big Top

Solo - 2013, Mon 26th Aug. 3.10pm. The Big Top

White Lilac - 2015, Mon 31st Aug. 2.50pm. Royal Oak Barn




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