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Rob Richings

Swindon based songwriter.

More Information

"In 2009, after years of gigging with a local band, writing songs while working as a decorator, I was diagnosed with a rare and severe form of colitis that almost proved fatal.

"Now though, following three life-saving and life-changing operations, I’m thriving in what is quite literally a new lease of life. There’s no doubt in my mind that my illness has inspired me to write better songs. A brush with death that close certainly puts a lot of things in perspective.

"Before that I was getting by, going to work every day, wondering where my life was going. But ever since my diagnosis I’ve been alive with ideas, really positive and I’ve recovered well so I can expect to lead a relatively normal life. Every day I feel so incredibly fortunate to be alive and it’s that sense that is coming out in the songs I’m writing.

"For me it’s all about communicating with an audience, presenting my songs and drawing them in, it’s very direct. There are no affectations in the way I sing, I just sing the songs the only way I know how."

Since appearing at Treefest, Rob Richings has released an EP, a full album and the band has toured Australia. Rob has been signed to Crescent Records.

Rob is still working on new material.

Treefest Performances

(Band) 2014, Sat 23rd Aug. 7.30pm. The Big Top

(Solo) 2016, Sun 28th Aug. 1.15pm. Royal Oak Barn





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