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Missin' Rosie

Unique blend of folk, rock, pop, jazz and ‘shake your booty’ music. Also see 'Splat The Rat'

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Traditional, frantic folk turned upside down, celtic inspired, fast fun frolics stemming from traditional anecdotes and roots to fresh and new original songs about love, life and partying.

Since 2010, Missin' Rosie have been doing their stuff and trying to conquer the South West. The comprises Joe Rendall singing lead vocals and playing rhythm guitar, Abba loving Jason Hull with a variety of whistles, flutes and harmonicas, Mike Rendall on Bass guitar with Tim Downes-Hall keeping the band together as the world's happiest drummer.

Missin' Rosie is a rare sight to see on stages these days, however many of the original members now perform a similar set with the band Splat The Rat.

Treefest Performances

2013, Sat 24th Aug. 7.00pm. The Big Top

2014, Sun 24th Aug. 1.10pm. Royal Oak Barn

2016, Sat 27th Aug. 2.10pm. Royal Oak Barn





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