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Lavington Bound

An eclectic and quirky mix of traditional flavoured folk music from around the world with a modern twist

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From the bluegrass of southern America, through medieval England, around the waltz halls of Vienna to the Cossack 'HEYS!' of Russia and back again.

Just add a strong beat and three way vocal harmonies to make incredibly catchy songs with great chorus's you will be humming after just one listen. (Cossack dancing is optional but always appreciated space permitted!)

In a recent magical twist of fate, Lavington Bound were adopted by the fanatics of Discworld and Sir Terry Pratchett himself.

Although Lavington Bound are no longer together, Ed Hanfrey continues to work on solo work and new collaborations.

Treefest Performances

2011, Fri 26th Aug. 7.30pm. The Music Stage



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