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Jonny Payne and the Thunder

Oxford based surf rock inspired by a Stateside tour

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Traveling from Massachusetts to Tennessee, then Canada to Colorado set the initial theme for Jonny Payne & The Thunder.

The songs are about stories and characters encountered in between. The music is based on music heard (and danced to) in various neon-clad dive-bars stumbled upon somewhere along the way. Not to mention an element of “you ain’t from around here are ya, you ain’t even from the county along” thrown in for being the outsider.

Influence, whether or not heard is taken from roots, soul, gospel and blues, and ends up somewhere in the Windrush Valley Delta.

After leading up the band Deer Chicago (supporting the likes of Blondie, We Are Augustines and Lanterns on the Lake), Jonny has picked up momentum as Jonny Payne & The Thunder.

Jonny and the band are still performing and recording.

Treefest Performances

2016, Mon 29th Aug. 12.40pm. Royal Oak Barn




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