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It's not the stage you're on but the stage you're at that matters

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Music teacher Berny Poulton and artist Michaela Matt created Ethemia in autumn 2011, and have already clocked up hundreds, if not thousands of gigs, countless radio airplay and have played their touching, original tunes in venues throughout the land. They have performed three times at Treefest - 2012, 2013 and 2015.

All across the country, everybody’s talking about Ethemia – the ground breaking acoustic duo from Gloucestershire which is made up of Michaela Mott and Berny Poulton. Having played together solidly for nearly three years they are attracting ever increasing volumes of plaudits and media attention.

Known as “one of the hardest working bands on the circuit” having performed over 500 gigs and appeared on over 40 radio stations including BBC Introducing and BBC Musicians’ Masterclass, their sound brings Fleetwood Mac and The Beautiful South to mind, but their trademark charismatic on-stage chemistry suggests ‘The Civil Wars’.

Recently Gaby Roslin on BBC Radio London, was moved to comment on air: “Fabulous music...that was amazing. It’s quite hypnotic watching you both…you’re fantastic…The entire studio is lost for words, I’m completely overwhelmed. Would you please come back on my show?”

2022 Update: Ethemia signed to Crescent Records, and are continuing to performing across the UK. Sam Jack Cordery, who played with Ethemia at Treefest 2012, went on to form The Strays.

Treefest Performances

2012, Sat 25th Aug. 6.45pm. The Big Top

2013, Sun 25th Aug. 4.40pm. The Big Top

2015, Sat 29th Aug. 5.40pm. Royal Oak Barn





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