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Weaving a wonderful blend of new world folk/rock with Celtic and Americana influence.

More Information

In June 2013 the Wiltshire group released their 2nd studio album “A Travelling Band” the follow up to 2011’s “All In The Past” and also played at the biggest music festival in the world - Glastonbury.

The band’s debut “All In The Past” certainly made an impression. “Really good songs, properly played and sung.” said Nick Mason of Pink Floyd. “An absolute classic combo of great stomping tunes, sensitive lyrics and heart-wrenching melodies” wrote the Belfast Telegraph.

2022 Update: Bateleurs as we knew them have disbanded. Some of the members (Sean Amor, Daryl Ball and Anna Wall) went on to form a new six piece called The Southern Harmony. They are now working on new musical projects.

Treefest Performances

2011, Fri 26th Aug. 7.30pm. The Music Stage.

2012, Sun 26th Aug. 1.00pm. The Big Top

2014, Mon 25th Aug. 1.45pm. Royal Oak Barn





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