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Unsung Roots / Seth Bye & Katie Griffin


   Royal Oak Barn - 2.10pm - Sat 29th August 2015

   Royal Oak Barn - 5.40pm - Sun 28th August 2016

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   Folk - Traditional

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We owe so many thanks to this young duo after becoming an eleventh hour replacement for our 2015 line-up.


Seth Bye & Katie Griffin are a multi-instrumental folk duo who blur the edges between traditional music and contemporary styles. Their diversity in style ranges from jazz to Indian classical, all embraced with a folk-twist.  


The duo's songs are enhanced by the use of close harmony with their two voices blending effortlessly. Their instruments include violin, banjo, guitar and accordion.


The duo conquer the limitations of a two man band by using looping technologies, enabling them to build vast soundscapes that could match that of a full band.

TF15 DH UnsungRoots 01
TF16 PW UnsungRoots 09
TF15 DH UnsungRoots 09
TF15 PW UnsungRoots 08
TF15 PW UnsungRoots 13
TF15 DH UnsungRoots 02
TF15 DH UnsungRoots 04
TF15 DH UnsungRoots 12
TF15 DH UnsungRoots 14
TF15 PW UnsungRoots 10
TF16 PW UnsungRoots 11
TF16 PW UnsungRoots 06
TF15 DH UnsungRoots 19
TF15 DH UnsungRoots 07
TF15 DH UnsungRoots 03
TF15 PW UnsungRoots 06
TF15 DH UnsungRoots 15
TF16 PW UnsungRoots 04