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Talis Kimberley


   The Music Stage - 2.30pm - Sat 27th August 2011

   The Big Top - 7.45pm - Sat 25th August 2012

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   Folk - Songwriter

Official website:

Talis is a writer and performer who creates whimsical and compelling folk songs covering green issues, politics, folklore and the drinking of tea.

Working either solo or with her band, Talis is equally at home in the intimate setting of an Arts Centre or on a festival stage.

Her material deals with subject matters as diverse as Quince Jelly, Peak Oil, and the hypothetical BBC commentary on Greek history.


Her compelling lyrics are wrapped in multi-layered melodies and arrangements which showcase the songs perfectly. You can never be sure whether Talis’ next song will move you to tears, laughter or dance – or possibly all three!

Talis and crew are still playing across the West. Talis is also heavily involved with local politics, and is chasing after the Swindon South seat.


Produced by The 4014 Project team

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