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Sumita / Indoor Goblin


   (S) The Big Top - 10.40am- Sun 25th August 2013

   (IG) Royal Oak Barn - 11.00a- Sun 28th August 2016

   (S) The Acorn Bandstand - 2.15pm - Sun 28th August 2016

Location (at time of show):



   Mystic - Dreamscape

Official website:

Sumita is a Swindon based pianist and songwriter, who’ll be performing a selection of her own compositions, described as playful, quirky and fresh.

After taking a break from music for a couple of years, Sumita is now performing again; tying her songs more closely with her artwork.

If you see an art exhibition by the Indoor Goblin, that’s Sumita! She has several other secret projects on the go, both in the local arts scene, and on national TV!


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