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Smith And Jones


   (Harry Solo): The Big Top - 11.00am - Sat 25th August 2012

   (Full band): Royal Oak Barn - 3.45pm - Mon 25th August 2014

   (Duo): Royal Oak Barn - 6.45pm - Sun 30th August 2015

Location (at time of show):



   Pop - Acoustic

Harry first played at Treefest in 2012. A year later he was on The Voice with Katey Smith. They returned to Treefest with a full band in 2014, and again as a duo in 2015.

In 2012, Harry Jones performed a solo set at Treefest. In that time he has joined forces with Katey Smith, reached the live finals of BBC’s The Voice, and formed a five piece pop / acoustic band based in Stroud.

Harry and Katie have now moved onto other projects.

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