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Shadowlight Sounds


   The Music Stage - 7.00pm - Sun 28th August 2011

   The Big Top - 5.15pm - Sat 25th August 2012

Location (at time of show):



   Folk - Rock

When Rob with his frenetic guitar playing and lyrical song writing teamed up with Alasdair and his thunderous percussion a new sound was born.

Shadowlight combines the many musical influences of these two experienced musicians creating a unique style which defies and transcends genre.


They met at a music night at one of the local pubs, immediately hitting it off and finding their styles complemented each other they are gaining fans all over the world who have found their music.

In 2013, Alasdair moved to Scotland where he continues to drum al night through. Rob is still Stroud based, and plays solo sets in the area.

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