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Sam Eason's BathSongs


   Royal Oak Barn - 10.45am - Sat 29th August 2015

Location (at time of show):



   Folklore - Acoustic

Official Website:

Intriguing. Entertaining. Unique.  An ambitious musical project searching under the skin of Bath’s history for forgotten characters and their stories.

In less than three months, singer-songwriter Sam Eason set out to research, write and record up to ten new modern folk songs about the quirky eccentrics and overlooked happenings from 500 years of Bath history.


The resulting songs were played in full during a special one-off show at The Old Theatre Royal (Orchard Street Theatre) on Saturday 6th June as part of Bath Fringe 2015.


Well, we say ‘one-off’… think of this as an exclusive encore for Treefest!


Produced by The 4014 Project team

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