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Mouton Gator / Paul Farrar


   The Big Top - 11.10am, Mon 26th August 2013

   Royal Oak Stage - 2.40pm, Sun 24th August 2014

Location (at time of show):



   Acoustic - Folk

Paul Farrar is a singer songwriter and guitarist who performs his songs as a solo artist and as a member of music duo Mouton Gator.

Paul has created a sound all of his own, composing original melodic songs and performing them with a rich singing voice.

Paul and Mouton Gator have performed at festivals and public houses.

Paul's songs have been played on radio stations such as Radio Caroline and BBC Radio Gloucestershire.

TF14 DH MoutonGator 05
TF14 DH MoutonGator 08
TF14 NG MoutonGator 04
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TF14 DH MoutonGator 10
TF13 NG MoutonGator 01
TF13 AM MoutonGator 07
TF13 AM MoutonGator 01
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TF13 AM MoutonGator 06
TF14 DH MoutonGator 11
TF14 DH MoutonGator 02
TF13 AM MoutonGator 02
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