Performer Archive

The 4014 Project spent six lovely years - 2011 until 2016 - showcasing local music as part of the Treefest festival.

More than 100 bands, groups and solo artists took to the stage, and thousands of festival-goers found themselves new, favourite songwriters.

We've gathered information about every Treefest performer so you can have a browse back through our history. Click on a performer to find photos, videos, links to artists pages and also updates on what they're up to now!

Alternatively, search for artists based on when they played with our CHRONOLOGICAL menu. We hope you find this archive useful. We had so much fun at Treefest; Thanks to everyone for some lovely memories!

A New Leaf

Donna Smith & Chris Heaven

Acoustic Junkies

Alan Maskell


JC Leonard & Terry Hunt

A New Leaf

Donna Smith & Chris Heaven

Acoustic Junkies

Alan Maskell


JC Leonard & Terry Hunt

Ali Finneran

Alison Hustwitt

All You Need Is The


Ami Kaelyn

Andrew Davies

Andy Oliveri

and the Mountaineers

Anna Giles



Ben Maggs

Beth Porter

and the Availables


Bob Porter Project

Black Feathers

Sian Chandler & Ray Hughes

Blind River Scare

Tim Manning & Stuart Loosemore

The Cadbury Sisters

Charlie Anne

of Young Vintage

Chris Webb

Christine Kinder



Curious Little Big Band

Dark Island

Dave Scott & Alex West

Darren Hodge

David Lloyd

David Waddington

Dead Dog Cider

Martin Price & Mark Lovell

Dischordelia Smith

Drew Bryant

Drew Calderbank

of the Ruff Diamond Band

Dylan & Pep

Ells & The Southern Wild Cobalt Fire

Emily McGrory


Michaela Mott & Berny Poulton

Ezekiel Butler


Faye Rogers

Rosehip Teahouse


Frankie the Gambler

Gaz Brookfield

Gilmore & Jaz

Gordon Wood


Thomas Haynes

Grubby Jack

Guillem Mitchel

Harry Jones

Heather Bristow

and Sean Hogan

Henry Bateman


Hip Route

Jim Blair

Homegrown Collective

The Hot Tin Roofs

Ian O'Regan

Indoor Goblin

In Situ

Iron & Oak

Sarana Verlin & James Slater

Jamie R Hawkins

JC Leonard

Jenny Bracey

of The Parsons

Jess Vincent

Jim Evans

Jimmy Moore

of The Parsons

Joe Summers

Jonny Payne

and The Thunder

Josie And The Outlaw


Julie Davies

Keith Hyett

with Jake Eady

Kitten & Bear


Lauren Bradford

Lavington Bound

with Ed Hanfrey

The Layers

Leon Daye

Locarno Beat

Lonely Tourist

Paul Tierney

Louise Jordan

Louise Latham

Marion Miller

Mark Johnson


& His Merry Men

Missin' Rosie

Model Folk

MOD Folk

Mouton Gator

Paul Farrar

Nick Felix

Nicky Swann

Not George

Onyx Duo

Kerry McKenna & Tom Blower

Oxygen Thief


Pete Taylor

Phil Cooper

Plume of Feathers

with the Lonely Tourist

The Portraits

Jeremy & Lorraine Millington

Rich Maya

Rob Richings

The Roving Crows


Ruff Diamond Band

with Drew Calderbank

Sam Eason

performing BathSongs

Shadowlight Sounds

Rob Fulton & Alistair Bodhran


Silver Sam

with Anna Giles

Sloe Jam

Keren & Francis Hayden

Smith & Jones

Katie Smith & Harry Jones

Solemn Sun

with Jim Lockey

Southern Folk

with Anna Giles

Southern Harmony

Splat The Rat

State of Undress

with Charlie Rose



with Michelle Souter

Take Two

Moira Gilchrist & Tony Cima

Talis Kimberley


Unsung Roots

Seth Bye & Katie Griffin

White Lilac

with Faye Rogers