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Grubby Jack


   The Music Stage - 8.30pm, Sun 28th August 2011

   The Big Top - 9.00pm, Sat 25th August 2012


Location (at time of show):




Grubby Jack is a three piece folk band that arranges the best and most well-loved folk tunes from Ireland, Scotland and America into a foot-stomping live set.

With fiendish banjo and fiddle breaks and the unmistakably folky vocals of JC Leonard, expect an evening of dancing, singing and entertainment the way it used to be.”


Grubby Jack are not currently working on material as a three piece, however JC is continuing to produce solo folk songs and publishing poetry. We understand Jenny and Levi are working on various musical projects.

Terry Hunt, who performed with Grubby Jack in 2011, sadly passed away in 2014.


Produced by The 4014 Project team

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