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   The Big Top - 5.50pm, Sun 25th August 2013

   Royal Oak Barn - 6.40pm, Sat 29th August 2015


Location (at time of show):



   Folk - Rock


The Folklaw trio have made two trips to Treefest so far - first appearing on the Royal Oak stage in 2013, and returning in 2015.

Welcome to the world of Folklaw! Exhilarating songs and music that guarantees to get your feet tapping, your face smiling and your festival-feet jumping! Acrobatic fiddling and earthy vocals are interwoven with wonderfully distinctive vocal harmonies and the bodhran drum, as FolkLaw deliver a subtle reflective social commentary nestled within a patchwork of inspirational songs and melodies.


FolkLaw are well known for their crowd-surfing fiddle antics, engaging on-stage banter, and an energized stage performance is guaranteed. In the words of one of the UKs top folk-clubs "Simply magical"!

Folklaw continue to perform across Europe.

TF13 AM Folklaw 07
TF15 PW Folklaw 09
TF13 NG Folklaw 02
TF15 PW Folklaw 08
TF15 DH Folklaw 08
TF15 DH Folklaw 03
TF15 DH Folklaw 04
TF15 DH Folklaw 09
TF15 DH Folklaw 01
TF13 AM Folklaw 01
TF15 DH Folklaw 05
TF15 PW Folklaw 11
TF13 AM Folklaw 02
TF13 AM Folklaw 04
TF15 PW Folklaw 03
TF15 PW Folklaw 13
TF13 AM Folklaw 08
TF15 PW Folklaw 14