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Ells & The Southern Wild

Ells Ponting


   (Solo) The Music Tent - 6.30pm, Fri 26th August 2011

   (Solo) The Big Top - 5.10pm, Sun 26th August 2012

   (Band) Royal Oak Barn - 3.40pm, Sat 23rd August 2014

   (Band) Royal Oak Barn - 1.30pm, Sun 28th August 2016

Location (at time of show):



   Acoustic - Indie


Seamlessly blending elements of folk, pop and rock, Ells is building a growing following in the South West.

Described as “a dark horse with the voice of an angel” (Tanya Kelly, Priory Inn), her songs are accessible yet moving, tinged with emotion, and ranging in style from dark-edged piano pop to acoustic guitar based melodies with elements of folk-punk.


Her début album, Freedom and Flight, was released in July 2013.

Lyrically, she touches on subjects from the joys of taking off and disappearing for a day, to the way in which the people around you can change your perspectives.

Ells and the Southern Wild are still performing - now under the name Cobalt Fire.


Produced by The 4014 Project team

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