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David Waddington


   Royal Oak Barn - 4.20pm, Sun 24th Aug 2014

   Royal Oak Barn - 12.15pm, Sat 29th Aug 2015

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   Acoustic - Progressive

David Waddington is a versatile writer and performer, with a strong sense of melody, harmony and song construction.


He has recorded and toured both as a solo artist, as well as with bands including Toyah Willcox and Leigh Franklin.


David has recorded two solo CD’s, and engineered and performed on other bands’ recordings, and is equally at home both on stage and in the studio.


Live, David utilises a range of effects to vary the sound of his performance including live looping and vocal harmonies.


Stylistically, David is a consistent, technically accomplished guitarist, influenced by performers such as Lindsey Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac). Vocally he has a delivery that can vary from a gentle narrative style, to pure rock.

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