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   The Big Top - 7.00pm, Fri 24th Aug 2012

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   Covers / Ukulele

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Cracktan started us off at Treefest 2012 with some ukulele cover songs.

This Bristol based duo are more commonly found performing at life model classes, so we are very grateful to them for joining us, and for keeping their clothes on.


Since Treefest, Cracktan has gained two new members. You will find them in art classes across the South West.


After Treefest, Cracktan became a four piece band, still focusing on being a naked ukulele life-drawing cabaret cover act. Things fizzled out in late 2013.


There are rumours that Cracktan may be revived in the near future. We hope so!

TF11 DH Cracktan 02
TF11 DH Cracktan 08
TF11 DH Cracktan 07
TF11 DH Cracktan 05
TF11 DH Cracktan 06
TF11 DH Cracktan 03
TF11 DH Cracktan 04
TF11 DH Cracktan 01