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   The Music Stage - 1.30pm, Mon 28th Aug 2011

   The Big Top - 6.40pm, Sun 26th Aug 2012

   Royal Oak Barn - 2.50pm, Sat 23rd Aug 2014

From (at time of show):

   Malmesbury / Bristol


   Acoustic Hiphop Wurzrap

Possibly the world's only Scrumpy & Western acoustic rapper, will play for money, beer or chocolate.


Has supported everyone from The Wurzels to Mr B Gentleman Rhymer and plays pubs in the winter and festivals in the summer.

Imagine the illegitimate son of Adge Cutler and Eminem, if that were possible. which it isn't.


Corky is now Bristol based, and continues to play gigs across the Westcountry supporting the likes of Goldie Lookin’ Chain and Professor Elemental. Well worth checking out if he’s playing in your town!

TF14 DH Corky 06
TF14 DH Corky 02
TF14 DH Corky 04
TF14 DH Corky 01
TF12 DH Corky 03
TF12 DH Corky 05
TF14 NG Corky 04
TF12 DH Corky 04
TF14 NG Corky 03
TF11 DH Corky 02
TF11 DH Corky 01
TF14 DH Corky 03
TF11 DH Corky 03
TF14 NG Corky 02
TF12 DH Corky 02
TF14 DH Corky 05
TF14 DH Corky 07