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Cadbury Sisters


   The Big Top - 3.40pm, Sun 26th Aug 2012

   Royal Oak Barn - 6.40pm, Sat 23rd Aug 2014

From (at time of show):



   Acoustic Harmonic

The Cadbury Sisters release their debut EP Close via Fear Of Fiction on 16th June 2014.

Like all the interesting things in life, they come with a secret - their great great grandfather was William Cadbury, the man behind the world famous chocolate company.


Jessica (vocals and percussion), Mary (vocals and electric guitar) and Lucy Cadbury (vocals and acoustic guitar) are his direct descendants and yes, they are all sisters.

Their goal is simple; to take the spirit of traditional English Folk music, infuse its DNA with contemporary influences such as Fleet Foxes, Daughter and First Aid Kit before disseminating it into the world. If Cecil Sharp House were run by Saga Noren this is how its corridors would sound.


Produced by The 4014 Project team

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