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The Black Feathers


   The Music Stage - 4.30pm, Mon 29th Aug 2011

   The Big Top - 4.40pm, Sat 24th Aug 2013

   Royal Oak Barn - 1.00pm, Sun 30th Aug 2015

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   Folk Roots

Official website:

The Black Feathers are an award winning duo from Gloucestershire in England.

The perfectly paired voices of Sian Chandler and Ray Hughes intertwine effortlessly to create a genre defying sound, combining elements of folk, roots, americana, and southern rock.


The duo have been touring all over the UK for the past two years, winning over new fans of all ages everywhere they go.


They have performed at festivals all over the country, including the prestigious Cambridge Folk Festival, Stroud Folk Festival, and Maverick. They were awarded the 5 Valleys Folk Award in September of 2013, and the Folkstock Arts Foundation award for Best Live Performance in February the following year.

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